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Flevoland food entrepreneurs

Food and Flevoland go hand in hand. Created to play an important role in food production, the region is now home to numerous businesses that are doing their bit – each in their own unique way – to provide the food of today and tomorrow. The province of Flevoland has put together 29 video portraits (collectively called the Future of Food series) to introduce you, in the months ahead, to a number of businesses and organisations that are involved in the food supply chain: from farmer to plate. They are all working hard to keep everyone fed, today and in the future. The entire series is available to watch via the Future of Food play list on YouTube.

Passion and enthusiasm

The passion and enthusiasm of Flevoland’s entrepreneurs are key in the YouTube series. The series gives viewers an insight into the complexity of the work, the world we live in, the balance between hi-tech and ecology and the possible outcomes. We will introduce a number of entrepreneurs to you on this page.

Future of Food - Navis Bio

Herman Navis hopes we will all backle down together and spend the next few years developing and growing field beans.

Future of Food - Weerwoud / Utopia island

On Utopia island on Floriade Expo 2022 Weerwoud foundation shows how you can restore ecosystems as well as grow food.

Future of Food - Vos

Theo Vos talks about seed potatoes.

Future of Food - Hofweb

Hofweb wants a chain as short as possible from farmer to kitchen table.

Future of Food - E-ox

One of the winners of the first Floriade Werkt Challenge developes a smart, sustainable tractor.

Future of Food - Oranjehoen

Circular agriculture in practice: the chickens at Oranjehoen get their colour by eating the waste flows of the farm’s own carrot and beet cultivation.

Future of Food - Plantage Nieuwland

Plantage Nieuwland combines different crops like nuts and vegetables and even beekeeping to encourage greater biodiversity.

Future of food - Fieldworkers

The Colorado Beetle Catcher: sustainable manner of pest control that leads to improved yield.

Future of Food - Polderknoflook

A bit of everything and the best of the lot. That is the motto of Karin Perdaems at her circular business Polderknoflook.

Future of Food - Zonneheerdt

Martin Topper talks about forgotten vegetables like purple carrots, yellow beets and parsnip.

Future of food - Polderzoom

The Boerenkaas (farmer’s cheese) of Polderzoom gives you a taste of Flevoland.

Future of Food - Wilde Wijngaard

The Flevoland soil is also suitable for viticulture. But quite a lot of work is involved.

Future of food - Zonnegoed

Zonnegoed is the first certified vegan-arable farm in the Netherlands. Joost van Strien talks about his passion.

Future of Food - Boerkok

Boerkok cooks with regional products to show you how special the taste of Flevoland is.

Future of Food - AlgaSpring

Algae are full of nutrients. Rene Jongbloed from AlgaSpring Almere talks about this innovation in the food chain.

Future of Food - Agrico

Jan van Hoogen from Agrico explains that the cultivation of new potato varieties is a proces that takes years and lots of testing.

Future of Food - BioRomeo

Krispijn van den Dries talks passionately about his company, which has been organic for 30 years. He would not want it any other way.

Future of Food - Vleesch & Co

Bauke van der Veen from Vleesch & Co allows his cows to wander in nature reserves.

Future of Food - Arabic Bread

Fahid Yassin from Arabic Bread talks about how he started his bakery in Almere.

Future of Food - Witlofkwekerij LOF

Hugo Jongejan of LOF: the Flevoland soil is especially well suited to cultivating chicory.

Future of Food - I am a farmer

Arjen Verschure is a farmer and miller and is active in circular agriculture.

Future of Food - Aeres University of applied sciences Dronten

Gera van Os from Aeres agricultural University of applied sciences is carrying out a research project on soil compaction together with students.

Future of Food - Bio Brass

Organic farmer Gerjan Snippe from Bio Brass likes to tell the story behind his products to business customers and consumers.

Future of Food - Fruithal Smits

With their own farm shop, Fruithal Smits sells its product directly to the consumer.

Future of Food - Waterman Onions

The Flevoland soil produces extremely high quality onions that are sold around the world.

Future of Food - Farm of the future

Boerderij van de Toekomt (Farm of the future) of WUR (Wageningen University & Research) in Lelystad works together with farmer on feasible solutions for the challenges that agriculture is facing. Pieter de Wolf talks about the greatest challenge: soil quality.

Future of Food - NorthSeaFood

Jan Kramer of NorthSeaFood from Urk talks about the entire food chain: from vessel to ship.

Future of Food - Hoogweg paprikakwekerijen

High-quality technology contributes to providing the freshest product at pepper growers Hoogeweg.

Future of Food - Marfo

Pascal Jalhay, the culinary conscience of Marfo, talks about the importance of quality and taste for airplane and hospital meals.

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