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Plant breeding

Before a potato can be cultivated on land, a lot has happened. For instance in the laboratory! Farmers and consumers have high standards concerning their produce and consumption. Innovative solutions are used to improve potato cultivation. One of these solutions is breeding of potato plants. Breeding means that plants with desirable characteristics are actively chosen for the next generation of plants, for instance for greater yield of better resistance.

A better plant will be cultivated when only the best plants are being used to cross-breed. This process is important for the potato to be able to grow in different circumstances. Not just in the Netherlands and the Mediterranean areas but across the whole world, in places like Kenya, Cuba, and Sri Lanka and all kinds of places with different climates.

Also, due to this selective breeding, characteristics can be found that help prevent potato diseases, such as Phytophthora. The potatoes are less susceptible to this disease. This means the profit that farmers can make from the potato yield is higher, and more mouths can be filled!


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