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PixelFarming is one of many exciting new innovations in farming. This new nature-inclusive growing technique involves dividing a piece of land in ‘pixels’, each with different crops.

Healthy food from healthy soil grown in a beautiful environment, in which crops are grown with a lot of attention on pieces of land of 10cm by 10cm. To be able to give this attention, ‘Robot One’ has been developed. This robot can give the right care for the crops on ‘pixel level’ making use of precision technology.

Also by using the individual power of each plant, the benefits of biodiversity become tangible. On the field twenty different crops are combined in rows and pixels. By making smart use of the ability of certain plants to absorb nitrogen, there is no need for fertiliser or chemical protection.

PixelFarming offers many possibilities to grow crops in an optimal way, without burdening the environment. This is the future; healthy and biodiverse fields, beautiful landscapes and fair food for all.


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