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Introduction from the farmer

The Netherlands, especially Flevoland, is the global hotspot when it comes to potato cultivation. Across the globe, people are consuming potatoes that originated in Flevoland. Every step of potato cultivation process can be found in Flevoland. Both seed potatoes and eating potatoes are cultivated here. Many innovative techniques are used, but we also cannot underestimate the role the farmer plays within this process. The soil is very fertile, partly because Flevoland was under the sea before its land was reclaimed. This ensures a good harvest, both in quality and quantity.

In spring the seed potatoes are going into the ground. The seed potatoes germinate and form a plant that grows above ground. At the same time, beneath the soil, new roots sprout where more potatoes grow for consumption. Harvesting starts in August. But harvesting is mainly done in September and October. When harvesting, the plants above ground are trimmed. In the next three weeks the potatoes grow thick skin. These potatoes will then be processed, distributed and eaten by us, the consumers.


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