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Connect B2B

28 januari 2022

Connect B2B

The Connect B2B Flevoland app has been developed for the business events that the province of Flevoland is organising for business visitors to Floriade Expo 2022. Use the app to browse through the events calendar, book places at events and connect with other visitors and companies in Flevoland!

Tour de province

The programme consists of a large number of events involving entrepreneurs from Flevoland and their areas of expertise and innovations. Some of these events will be hosted at the Floriade park itself. For others, entrepreneurs will welcome visitors from the Netherlands and abroad to their businesses as part of a ‘tour de province’.

At Floriade Expo 2022, Horizon Flevoland will develop and implement the Connect business-to-business (B-2-B) programme with the business community from Flevoland on behalf of the province of Flevoland.

  • Food Forum is het paviljoen van

    provincie flevoland

  • Food Forum is onderdeel van

    Flevo Campus