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Water Management

Flevoland used to be a part of the Zuiderzee, and inland sea, which means that you are now actually standing on the seabed. The land here is actually below sea level and is surrounded by strong dykes. Each day water flows into the polder by rain and water from the soil. The latter is called seepage water.

Everyday the employees of the water board Zuiderzeeland work hard to keep our feet dry and to make sure there is not too little but certainly not too much water. Large pumping stations are the primary tool used for this. On the other hand, we let water flood into the polder. It is a fine balance. We do this for a good water level in dry periods as well sustaining high quality of the water.

Also in Flevoland, the presence of water is not always straightforward. Good and sufficient water is essential for food production, because without water, there is no food.


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