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The living building

Within Flevoland the building sector is booming. However, these new buildings are not just drab and grey. Many new buildings are being influenced by the green sector. The greenery is not just for decoration either. Making living green spaces has a lot of value. It greatly improves the quality of the living environment.

In times when we face increasing challenges from hot, dry periods, or short and heavy rainfall greenspace cools, reflects heat, and absorbs water. Doing so, limiting or neutralizing the damage from a changing climate. Due to the variety of greenery in the built environment, insects and animals are also find places to call home. This is good for biodiversity in and around cities!

The value of greenery for our health and wellbeing has now also been scientifically researched. The findings show that people feel better in green environments. In these spaces we move more, recover faster from illness and fatigue, and make better connections with others.

In this way, greenery in the built environment, be it green roofs or living walls, contribute to better living conditions and healthier, climate-proof cities. Take a look around you and be inspired by all the greenery in, on and around this pavilion.


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