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Precision farming

Currently robots are often used in modern agricultural innovations, for example, with PixelFarming (as you can see in the other snippet). Once the design of the field has been created on the computer, an advanced robot automatically sows and maintains the land. All this happens according to the designated parameters and division of the crops. This robot follows a plan for where crops should be sown down to the centimetre.

In addition to sowing, it also waters, pulls weeds, mows and ultimately even harvests the produce! The device measures the condition of each individual plant and gives exactly the necessary treatment. This means that no more chemicals are needed. The robot is also light weight, which means less soil compaction!

Precision farming on greater scale is not feasible without robots: such high precision is not achievable by human hands. Therefore, this robot is fully under development. The vision is that someday Robot One can work completely autonomously, so that people can carry out other important activities on the field.


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