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Newly Grown Crops

Did you know that you have the power to do good every day?

You can do something for the climate, the soil, the farmers, the animals, and of course for yourself. How so, you ask? By changing your shopping habits and cooking your meals is a slightly different way.

For instance, you can start by cooking with 80% vegetables, nuts, seeds and mushrooms. This reduces CO2 emissions, improves the soil, increases biodiversity, and makes you healthier as you age.

Does it sound difficult? Not with these new crops grown in Flevoland!

Fresh soybeans

This beautiful plant can gather nitrogen from the air. It doesn’t need a lot to grow and will naturally give depleted soil a boost of nutrients in a short amount of time.

This super nutritious bean is great for snacking, but also works well in spreads such as hummus and pesto. This fresh soybean can be found on the shelves under the name ‘Dutch Edamame’.

FlevoField bean

This bean is also an all-star crop that enriches the soil by storing nitrogen from the air. The growth cycle is short, and therefore, this bean can be grown in both summer and winter. They fit perfectly with the typical clay soil and climate conditions of Flevoland. Farmers from Flevoland are working closely with food companies to make new healthy dishes with the produce, such as a veggie meatball made from field beans.


When you hear quinoa, South America probably comes to mind. But in Flevoland we also grow quinoa. The Flevoland soil is particular well-suitable for quinoa. The clay soil from the former seabed contains a lot of minerals and nutrients, which gives this grain a slightly nutty flavour. Flevoland quinoa is known as a whole grain because it contains so much dietary fibre.


This vegetable is well-known in the Surinamese kitchen. Sopropo, also called bitter melon or bittergourd, has a bumpy skin and maybe unsurprisingly, a rather bitter taste. Sopropo is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and trace minerals. A lot of research is currently being done to examine the health benefits of this new-to-Flevoland vegetable.


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