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A sustainable building

The Flevoland Food Forum pavilion visualises the history of Flevoland in a very special way. The gable on the top floor represents sea level and Flevoland’s fertile soil.

Nature as the basis

Food Forum was designed by architectural firm DoepelStrijkers and was inspired by the principles of Nature Based Building. A good example of this is the roof overhang, which creates natural shade, and a whole range of renewable materials have been used too. The upstairs area consists largely of wood. The concrete floor downstairs is made entirely from recycled concrete. The finishing floor upstairs has been reinforced with elephant grass (Miscanthus); this makes the end product much lighter than traditional concrete; it’s sound-proof and fully recyclable too. The breathing loam façade regulates moisture naturally and helps create a healthy indoor climate. The ground floor is light and transparent, just like water.

Circular construction

The pavilion was built by Strukton Worksphere and is an example of circular construction. For example, materials have been kept to a minimum and the material used to create the building’s shell is its finishing material too. So, none of the wood upstairs has been painted. Cross laminated timber (CLT) has been used upstairs. This innovative wood-construction product has been made with spruce sourced from PEFCTM-certified forests. It consists of three or more cross-glued, solid-sawn spruce planks. CLT is very strong, making it a good alternative to materials like concrete or steel. The glue used is environmentally friendly too.


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  • Food Forum is het paviljoen van

    provincie flevoland

  • Food Forum is onderdeel van

    Flevo Campus

  • Food Forum is de Flevolandse inzending voor