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Flevoland proudly presents

In Flevoland we keep growing, and this growth is associated with innovations and knowledge development in the fields of agriculture and residential construction. We are always looking for ways to improve so we can realise a healthy living environment for our inhabitants. The arrival of the Floriade Expo 2022 stimulated our striving even more. In a rapid tempo we have started on realising local food production and circular bridge construction.

Local food

By strengthening short food chains, the Province of Flevoland wants to literally shorten the distance between the farmer and the consumer. The aim is to realise a better price for the entrepreneur and reduce our dependence on imports. In other words, we want to work towards a healthy and sustainable food system. To realise this aim, the province is collaborating closely with partners from other European regions (through the Interreg Europe FoodChains4EU project). Knowledge and experiences are actively shared in this way. For example, the province encountered a successful entrepreneur support programme in Manchester called “Recipe for success”. We have now adapted the programme for the Flevoland environment.

Flevoland, the test kitchen for success

Flevoland is the agricultural province of the Netherlands and thus the pilot kitchen for success. By experimenting, binding and taking action, the Province of Flevoland is strengthening the short food chain in Flevoland. We do this by offering an entrepreneur programme together with the Horizon Flevoland development agency and Haute Equipe. This programme offers Flevoland food entrepreneurs the opportunity to set up a successful (alternative) business model within the short food chain. This enables them to master the necessary skills, while being coached by experts.

Protein from Flevoland

How can we ensure fair, safe, sustainable and healthy food in the future? This is a huge issue and yet the most natural solutions appear before us every evening: more vegetables on our plate. We need to choose a different ratio between animal and plant-based proteins.

The Province of Flevoland wants to support the pioneers in the cultivation of protein-rich crops in developing a successful business case for their cultivation in Flevoland. We need to learn how Dutch and Flevoland farmers can grow and profitably market legumes, mushrooms, nuts and seeds. We accomplish this by strengthening the link between growers and producers. As a result, growers can respond better to the requirements of processors and thus get more healthy products on the market with locally cultivated field beans, soyabeans, quinoa or other protein-rich crops.

The aim of the programme is to have a knowledge agenda ready by the end of November in the field of healthy food and protein transition. This knowledge agenda will be consolidated further at Floriade Expo 2022, including with international partners.

Menu for the future

In Food Forum we not only talk about the food of the future, we show that it is feasible: tasty and sustainable food. In Food Forum we have developed the Menu for the Future. This menu assumes sufficient, safe, healthy and contemporary food for everyone, without depleting the earth. This menu is based on local and seasonal products, and vegetables and legumes play a major role.

Circular & local bridges

A large proportion of the bridges in the Netherlands was built in the 1950s to 1970s. This means around 85,000 bridges and viaducts nationwide are due for replacement or renovation. This demands an enormous investment and sufficient design and construction capacity for implementation in a relatively short time (by 2040). In addition, sustainability, circularity and life cycle costs are relevant criteria. This demands innovative solutions and new forms of partnership. That this is possible is demonstrated at Floriade, where four circular bridges have been placed.


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