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Fishing of the future

How often do you eat fish for dinner? This fish has to come from somewhere. Luckily, it can be caught in a sustainable way. For example, in Urk, the home of the sustainable fishing boat ‘Metanoia’. This boat is electrically powered and therefore consumes 80% less fuel. This is great for the environment, and therefore, also for the fish. This is fishing of the future. Plans are underway to make this boat zero-impact. In the future, it will be a fishing boat that has no negative effects on the environment or the seabed.

In addition, the fisherman can sell their catch directly to the consumer from the boat. This is a great example of a short supply chain. Besides the cod and the plaice, the sea is full of other tasty, but less known, fish. Take a good look in your neighbourhood fish ship for their local catch!


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