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Cooperative farming: The game

Modern farmers work with new techniques. There is a lot to be gained in the field, especially with electric drives and computer-controlled machines. In RAAK-PRO project DurableCASE, H2Trac BV, Distribute and Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, together with farmers from Flevoland and other partners, have developed a concept where potatoes (and other crops) can be harvested quickly and efficiently with modern electric tractors and machines. without degrading soil quality.

In this Serious Game you see how the harvester can harvest 4 rows of potatoes at once and hand them over to cooperating, robotic machines that quickly and efficiently transport the potatoes to a transfer station where their journey to your plate can begin. The vehicles no longer need a driver, which means that the work can be done faster. With more and smaller autonomous wagons, harvesting can be done quickly without overloading the soil. Large heavy vehicles cause soil compaction that hinders plant growth.

The EOX175 tractor and the harvest wagons are electrically powered. They are manufactured at H2Trac BV in Arnhem. HAN students and employees create the autonomous software for the cooperating harvest wagons and Distribute builds the simulation software for this serious game application that helps farmers set up efficient harvesting processes.

The DurableCASE project is subsidized by the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA.



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