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Discover the food of the future with ‘The Protein Showcase’

13 May 2022

What will food look like in the future? The Protein Showcase invites you to find out at Floriade Expo 2022. On May 10, the 1,800 m2 experience field was opened, where various high-protein crops bloom. A true voyage of discovery in the world of protein, where all the senses are stimulated.

‘The Protein Showcase’ is an experience field dedicated to protein transition in the Netherlands with six protein crops: field beans, lupine, quinoa, soy, chickpeas and red beans. The aim of this initiative is to stimulate the production and consumption of more vegetable and alternative proteins. It helps maintain a better balance between animal and vegetable foods for people, optimising the use of farmland at the same time. The Dutch climate lends itself perfectly to the great diversity of protein-rich crops such as lupine, quinoa, chickpea, brown bean,  field and soybeanon. But also grains, nuts , seaweeds and mushrooms thrive in the Netherlands. The sown crops in the experience field are now starting to grow. They should be about one metre high by mid-June.

Field, greenhouse and experience route

The field is an experimental field in the form of strip cultivation with various protein-rich crops. At the heart of it, a greenhouse inspires visitors with a versatile exhibition on protein transition in the Netherlands. Following a route about the experience field, visitors will learn more about the crops and protein transition. From ‘ground to mouth’ comes in five fun activities and different themes.

Five fun activities

This is how the Soil Viewer zooms in on the added value of a healthy soil. The Seed Bank puts biodiversity at centre stage, with visitors bringing along a seed mix  . The Field Portrait informs visitors protein-rich crops are grown nearby. The Bodybuilder uses a workout to explain how green proteins contribute to good health. Finally, Table Talk invites visitors to vote which dish they like the most . And don’t forget to make your own portrait with optical illusion! In a nutshell, there is plenty to discover for everyone and then get started at home with the seeds and recipes.

Sign Green Deal

On and around the lot, various events will be organised  in the coming months. Also by entrepreneurs working with vegetable proteins. And in the summer, the Protein-Rich Crops Green Deal will be signed by two ministers and a large number of entrepreneurs.

Collaboration partners

This experience field at Floriade is an initiative of the provinces of Flevoland, Overijssel, Gelderland, North Holland, North Brabant, Zeeland, Limburg and the Flevo Field Bean Farmers Group. The aim of this initiative is to involve as many governments, organisations and entrepreneurs as possible that are already actively involved in the protein transition in the implementation. They can do this on the spot, for example, by showing their relations or visitors recipes, inviting them to taste these and also by organising events.

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